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2008 Master List of Fics

Many of you have been eagerly waiting to see who wrote for you, and who wrote for others. The posts will be edited to reflect the reveals some time this coming week. If you notice any errors in the fic posts, please let me know.

Master List of Fics (in order of posting)

prillalar wrote Big in Japan (Atobe/Ryoma) for hikaridonya

fierin wrote Endless Sonata (Yagyuu/Niou) for mikage

gottis_chan wrote The day Ryoma came back and what happened next (Horio/Sakuno + others) for Everyone!

feuillu wrote Rules of Attraction (Atobe/Mizuki, Mizuki/Atsushi) for penombrelilas

kat8cha wrote What a Wonderful World (Ryoma/Kevin) for gottis_chan

emmayori wrote Soft Light (Oshitari/Fuji) for knw

argentinaskies wrote raison d'être (Sanada/Kirihara) for longleggedgit

alice_and_lain wrote Wind Me Up (Momoshiro/Kaidoh) for worblehat

nimori wrote Off the Cuff (Fuji/Eiji) for Everyone!

medieval128 wrote With Silken Lines and Silver Hooks (Oshitari/Atobe) for theprerogative

mikage wrote The Value of Patience (Marui/Kirihara) for Everyone!

knw wrote Never Ever (Kite/Atobe) for pixxers

solanum_d wrote Practice Makes Possession (Sakaki/Ohtori) for Everyone!

venivincere wrote The Spice of Life (Inui/Kaidoh) for prillalar

penombrelilas wrote Santa Inc: Behind the Scenes (Osamu/Shiraishi) for fierin

illuminations wrote Take me back to where it all began (Tezuka/Ryoma) for venivincere

theprerogative wrote Bridge (Oshitari/Atobe) for Everyone!

shikishi and pixxers wrote Seven Forty in the Afternoon (Inui/Kaidoh) for marksykins

cmere wrote Rematch (Fuji/Yuta) for argentinaskies

happiestwhen wrote Two Places at Once (Inui/Yanagi) for illuminations

link621 wrote Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (Atobe/Tezuka) for medieval128

pixxers wrote Straight to Number One (Sanada/Kirihara) for nimori

prillalar wrote Delayed Development (Inui/Fuji) for cmere

worblehat wrote crescit eundo (Saeki/Ryou) for feuillu

reposoir wrote The Twelve Ways of Christmas for santa_smex

longleggedgit wrote The Pirate Kind and I (Inui/Kaidoh) for alice_and_lain

nimori wrote The Teenager's Guide to Teamwork (Marui/Kirihara) for emmayori

marksykins wrote Don't Hate the Player (Inui/Yanagi) for Everyone!

hikaridonya wrote For King and Country (Atobe/Tezuka) for Everyone!

illuminations wrote For the Love of the Game (Yanagi/Niou) for kat8cha

I wanted not only to thank all of the authors for their wonderful work, but also to extend the thanks out to everyone who graciously offered their help with santa_smex.

Thank you particularly to venivincere for hosting the longer fics and for all the behind-the-scenes help.

Thank you to prillalar, happiestwhen, illuminations, solanum_d, shikishi, link621, nimori, and pixxers for their wonderful pinch hits! Thank you to all those others who generously offered to help, too!

And lastly, thank you to all of the readers and commenters. Your feedback means a lot to the authors!


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