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I, Ociwen

Master Reveal 2007

Many of you have been eagerly awaiting the reveal to see who wrote for you, and who wrote for others. The posts will be edited to reflect the reveals some time this coming week. If you notice any errors in the fic posts, please let me know.

kishmet wrote Unbridled Hearts, Sleepless at Midnight, and Other Love Stories (Atobe/Oshitari) for potter

kat8cha wrote Fantastic days (Fuji/Eiji) for serenia

waxrose wrote and seek (Tezuka/Ryoma) for kessie

worblehat wrote Something Unexpected (Yanagi/Sanada) for mikage

gottis_chan wrote The Cat came Back (Fuji/Ryoma) for numisma

illuminations wrote Pause and Play (Inui/Yanagi) for longleggedgit

potter wrote Fish Or Cut Bait (Tezuka/Ryoma) for mimineko_chan

crocoduck wrote Up On Molehill Mountain (Kenya/Zaizen) for takewing

serenia wrote The Blue Notebook (Mizuki/Yuuta) for melpants

mimineko_chan wrote Remembering (Tezuka/Ryoma) for enderxenocide

mikage wrote Jokers wild; Ace in the hole (Niou/Yagyuu/Niou) for shikishi

mousapelli wrote Seeing Doubles (Atobe/Shishido) for eames

longleggedgit wrote Super Great MomoKai Special (Momoshiro/Kaidoh) for Everyone!

enderxenocide wrote leaving the universe (Tezuka/Oishi) for waxrose

pixxers wrote When All is Said and Done (Yanagi/Yukimura) for illuminations

alice_and_lain wrote Do Captains Dream of Electric Datamen? (Inui/Tezuka) for marksykins

melpants wrote Twig and Berries (Koharu/Yuuji) for hitokiri

anjenue wrote Them's the Breaks (Bane/Davide) for worblehat

shikishi wrote if there be ghosts (Yagyuu/Niou) for giving_ground

sarahofcroydon wrote Artistic Licence (Momoshiro/Eiji) for knw

hitokiri wrote The Spoils of War (Shiraishi/Fuji) for Everyone!

eames wrote The Once & Future King (Atobe/Oshitari) for anjenue

giving_ground wrote Silver Bullet (Yagyuu/Niou) for kat8cha

numisma wrote The Devil Kids (Kirihara/An) for gottis_chan

kessie wrote Idée Fixe (Kite/Tezuka/Atobe) for pixxers

chasingthewinds wrote Mother Always Said (Katsuo/Kachiro) for Everyone!

reposoir wrote A Christmas Without Sanada (Sanada/Yukimura) for Everyone! (no really, everyone!)

reddwarfer wrote And Not Even The Hello Kitty Compact of Power Can Help (Yagyuu/Niou) for a deadbeat

knw wrote For His Favour (Tezuka/Fuji) for kishmet

takewing wrote What It All Comes Back To (An/Tachibana) for crocoduck

venivincere wrote A Royal Bill of Goods (Eiji/Oishi) for sarahofcroydon

prillalar wrote A Little Knowledge (Inui/Tezuka) for alice_and_lain

happiestwhen wrote Syncopated (Kirihara/Kamio) for chasingthewinds

marksykins wrote To All a Weird Night (Oishi/Eiji) for mousapelli

pixxers wrote For the Reunion (Tezuka/Fuji) for reddwarfer

I wanted not only to thank all of the authors for their wonderful work, but also to extend the thanks out to everyone who graciously offered their help with santa_smex.

Thank you especially to venivincere for hosting the longer fics and for all the background help.

Thank you to tokyolights and illuminations for help with images.

Thank you to venivincere, prillalar , happiestwhen and pixxers for their super excellent pinch hitting, particularly given that most of them weren't even participants!

And lastly, thank you to all of the readers and commenters. Your feedback means a lot to the authors!

We had a huge variety of fics here at santa_smex this past month, with a wide variety of pairings, schools, scenarios and lengths- something for everyone to enjoy! Tezuka was probably the most popular character this year, with Fuji as a close second. We would need a Data Master of our own to do the tabulating, however. ;)

The authors are now free to publicly admit which fics they wrote, as well as post their fics where they please- though they are welcome to keep them at the community and/or on Veni's site. I noticed a lot of guesses floating around and they were fascinating to read.

If you have any suggestions for possible future years of this fest, please let me know. 2007 was a great second run- here’s hoping to future fests to come!


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