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Master Reveal

Many of you have been eagerly awaiting the reveal to see who wrote for you, and who wrote for others. If you notice any errors in the fic posts, please let me know.

Momo’s Place by serenia
Momoshiro/Kaidoh written for maxine_chan

Happy Accidents by scoradh
Atobe/Jiroh written for whisper132

An Element to a Set by marksykins
Inui/Kaidoh written for mousapelli

Better than Before by pixxers
Oshitari/Gakuto written for akahannah

What Fuji Wants for Christmas by gottis_chan
Fuji/Ryoma written for fluttering

who needs love when you’ve got a gun? by akahannah
Akutsu/Sengoku written for flimsy

Finish What You Start by 0rien
Oshitari/Gakuto written for dimmie

Ryoma Hates Puberty by todaythesamesky
Tezuka/Ryoma/Fuji written for storyteller

Sex No Tensai by mousapelli
Inui/Kaidoh written for marksykins

Time’s the Charm by potter
Sanada/Yukimura, Tezuka/Atobe written for pixxers

Widdershins by shikishi
Yagyuu/Yanagi written for happiestwhen

On the Possible Merits of Popcorn by spurious
Momoshiro/Kaidoh written for venivincere

Dreaming by happyaddict
Atobe/Tezuka written for mildly_deluded

Saying Goodbye by mildly_deluded
Tezuka/Eiji written for aconite

You and Me and the One You Love by ver2frog
Oshitari/Atobe, Atobe/Tezuka written for fic_faery

Razed by flosspyromaniac
Tezuka/Ryoma written for takewing

Focus by alice_and_lain
Inui/Kaidoh/Fuji written for tehlils

All That’s Left and Right by happiestwhen
Bane/Davide written for kessie

Sample/Unit by dimmie
Momoshiro/Echizen written for 0rien

Momoshiro’s Teen Guide to Romance: A Story by prillalar
Momoshiro/Kaidoh written for scoradh

Angels on the Mountainside by numisma
Kirihara/Fuji written for gottis_chan

Needs by venivincere
Akutsu/Dan written for todaythesamesky

Seduction of Equals by kessie
Sakaki/Hanamura written for solderini

Romeo and Shishido by fic_faery
Ohtori/Shishido written for flosspyromaniac

Manger Optional by whisper132
Chitose/Tachibana written for muzivitch

Mission (3.14%) Possible by storyteller
Inui/Mizuki for alice_and_lain

Drag by flimsy
Ohtori/Shishido written for ata_ga_itai

Cracked Reception by worblehat
Momoshiro/Eiji written for prillalar

Of Bad Boys and Good Boys by fluttering
Jiroh/Atobe written for happyaddict

Something Like Friends by bloodybrilliant
Fuji/Eiji written for numisma

Escape from Ennui by maxine_chan
Atobe/Sanada written for chasingwhispers

Rudimentary, My Dear Data Collector by tehlils
Ibu/Kamio and Others written for spurious

Margin of Error by takewing
Inui/Tezuka written for the entire community

Dressing for the occasion by goldie
Oishi/Eiji written for serenia

The season of giving by aconite
Yanagi/Kirihara written for bloodybrilliant

Sex Ed by atama_ga_itai
Ohtori/Shishido written for worblehat

Luck be a gentleman by solderini
Sengoku/Yuuki written for the entire community

Hamartia by chasingwhispers
Oshitari/Atobe written for ver2frog

Role Reversal by muzivitch
Oshitari/Gakuto written for shikishi

Cat Paralysis by serenia
Atobe/Jiroh written for trinityblack

Something Different by trinityblack
Yukimura/Atobe written for potter

Complimentary Angles by marksykins
Fuji/Inui written for goldie

I wanted to not only thank all of the authors for their wonderful work, but I also wanted to extend the thanks out to everyone who graciously offered their help with santa_smex.

Thank you to gmth for allowing us to use her merry_smutmas formatting and rules.

Thank you especially to venivincere for hosting the longer fics and posting when I was not available to do so.

Thank you to whisper132 for the help with the assignment chart.

Thank you to serenia and marksykins for their superfast and super excellent pinch hitting.

And lastly, thank you to all of the readers and commenters. Your feedback means a lot to the authors!

We had a huge variety of fics here at santa_smex this past month, with a wide variety of pairings, scenarios and lengths- something for everyone to enjoy! Kaidoh was probably the most popular character, with Atobe and Inui close seconds.

The authors are now free to publicly admit which fics they wrote, as well as post their fics where they please. I noticed a lot of guesses floating around and they were fascinating to read.

If you have any suggestions for possible future years of this fest, please let me know. 2006 was a great first run- here’s hoping to future fests to come!


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